My favourite aspect of working in the Hair industry is that the ability to learn, adapt, create and share it's uncapped. As long as you are willing to hold a brush in your hand and let your creativity flow, there is a client who will fall in love with your work. Drawing from a portfolio that spans across 11 years and the opportunities I have had to work on countless brides, has framed the way I approach hairstyling today.

The Masterclasses I offer are taught in a low-stress environment with a focus on creating a conversation around techniques, tools, your online presence, photography, editing, products and more. As Hair professionals, there can be limited opportunities to network, which is why I offer flexible mobile and in-studio modes of delivery, intimate group workshops and one-on-one private lessons, depending on what areas you would like to focus on.

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1.1 private workshop

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full day  Masterclass

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half day  Masterclass

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Irrelevant of your skill level, I tailor each class to who I am teaching, so there is always plenty of practical information you can take away with you. Both my mobile and in-studio options can be taken 1:1 or in a group.


Professional Hair 

If you opt for a one-on-one Masterclass, either mobile or in studio, you will need a few tools at your disposal to get the most out of the lesson.

At a minimum you will need a mannequin head, curling iron, brushes, combs a straight iron and a few hair styling products.

Depending on the direction of the Masterclass and your skill level will determine exactly what products and tools you need, but I will go over this prior to your booking.

one-on-one lessons

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upcoming workshops

Refreshments and lunch is provided at most group workshops, so we can get the most out of our time together. 

group workshops

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While classes are aimed at experienced hairstylists, those with an interest in  hair are encouraged to enquire. If you are looking to explore styling and for the first time, I encourage you to book a one-on-one Masterclass so I can tailor the workshop around where your knowledge gaps are. 

who are your classes for?

do you require payment to book?

Yes, full payment is required to secure your Masterclass and you will receive an email to confirm your booking after we have decided on a date and time.

can i choose the looks to learn?

Yes, if you select a one-on-one masterclass the content will be customised to you. I customise all my course content based off who I am teaching. If you are a professional within the industry who is looking to grow and expand, I recommend brainstorming a few areas you would like to focus on to get the most out of our session.


My availability varies depending on the time of year and how many brides I have booked at any given time. Please submit an enquiry to discuss my next available Masterclass or 1.1 booking.



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